Five Good Reasons to Choose Port of Pori Ltd as your Business Partner

There is no need to rely only on the heart when choosing Port of Pori as your partner – the mind will approve it as well. The Port of Pori is a great platform for growth and the most logical logistics centre for all kinds of operations. The capacity and infrastructure perfectly support the well-being and growth of our partner companies.

Winter in Pori is just an extension of summer – we’re always open.

Even though we’re located far up in the northern hemisphere, our port stays open throughout the winter.


Welcome to the green port of Bothnia.

We have everything you need for handling any bulk materials as well as to meet modern recycling standards.


Say “morjes” to our open archipelago.

There is no dense archipelago blocking the entrance to Pori. You will save time and money when you can navigate straight to the port – even in winter.


You’ve got a big ship? We’ve got a deep port. Let’s have some fun!

Our port is deep enough for large vessels with big cargos. We are capable of handling even the heaviest cargos with our special cranes.


All roads lead to the Port of Pori.

Whether your business is import or export – our location and transport network are perfect for reaching anywhere in Finland.