A stable base for business

24 hectares of vacant building land are available at the Mäntyluoto port area. The area can be divided into plots of different size and shape according to the customer’s wishes.

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4-hectare area in Kirrisanta and the adjacent 20-hectare area are located in the immediate vicinity of Rautatieratapiha (railway yard) and Finnish National Road 2. Owing to the sandy soil and bedrock, building on these industrial areas is cost-efficient. For example, the Kirrisanta grounds at Mäntyluoto have been filled with fly ash, providing an excellently stable base. Fresh water intake from Kokemäenjoki River is also possible at Mäntyluoto. LNG delivey is also possible due the nearby piping.

Despite the northern location, the average annual temperature is +5°C. Owing to relatively mild winters, from the viewpoint of seafaring, the ice and snow conditions are the most favourable in Finland.

The area transfer agreements are quite advantageous. Industrial areas are leased based on long-term contracts.

Vacant areas at Kirrisanta, Mäntyluoto.


Mäntyluoto offers:

  • 24 hectares of free space
  • stable ground
  • competitive contracts


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