Mäntyluoto harbour area

Operations at the Mäntyluoto harbour area are mainly related to heavy lifting projects, container and concentrate traffic, and sawn goods. There is ample handling and storage space available at the Mäntyluoto harbour.

Coordinates of the Mäntyluoto harbor area (coordinate system EUREF-FIN WGS84):
61°35,624 N
021°29,010 E

Strengths of the Mäntyluoto harbour area:

  • High&heavy services
  • Breakbulk goods
  • Container traffic
  • Dry bulk goods
  • Forest industry products
  • Recycling industry products

High&heavy services refer to handling of large and heavy products, for which Mäntyluoto offers excellent possibilities. Finland’s strongest port crane ‘Masa’ is located here, used for hundreds of lifting operations involving loads weighing over 150 tonnes per year.

The crane’s lifting capacity is up to 200 tonnes. The port also boasts a new Liebherr LHM 550 mobile crane offering new possibilities to the customers. In addition, new grounds are being built at the harbour area on a continual basis for quick, flexible, and cost-efficient loading of products onto vessels.

Port of Pori offers excellent infrastructure and services for container traffic. The vessel loading and unloading rate is about 25 containers per hour.

It is also possible to operate RoRo traffic at the Port of Pori. There are two 16m wide ramps at the port, one of which is equipped with a hydraulic ramp.

  • Total quay length 2,000m
  • Maximum depth 12m
  • Cranes 200t, 140t, 2 x 10t, 4 x 40t, 60t, 50t, 53t
  • Warehouses 101,000m²
  • Chemical tanks 9,933m³
  • Storage silos 5,462m³
  • Max. vessel length 200m
  • Ro/Ro berths 2 pc.
  • Plenty of free space

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Mäntyluoto harbour quay details

MÄNTYLUOTO             Quay lenghtWater depth
Kallonlahti quays 20-25        600 m       10.0 m
Kallonlahti quay 1        250 m       12.0 m
Quays 3-5        300 m     6.10-6.40 m
Quays 6-7        160 m        7.5 m
Quays 14-18        520 m        7.5 m
Quay 19 Ro-Ro        170 m         7.5 m