Tahkoluoto deep-water harbour

The indisputably largest advantage of the Tahkoluoto deep-water harbour is that its 15.3 metre depth also allows mooring and handling of Cape vessels.

Strengths of the Tahkoluoto deep-water harbour:

  • Dry bulk goods
  • Bulk transhipping operations

The harbour’s loading capacity is up to 1,200 tons/hour and unloading capacity approx. 2,000 tons/hour, depending on the type of goods. The deep-water harbour is well-equipped for bulk goods transhipment functionality.

  • Quay length 450m
  • Maximum depth 15.3m
  • Cranes 40t, 32t
  • Loader, approx. 1,500m³ or t/hour
  • Warehouses 9,500m²
  • 5km overland conveyor 2,200t/h
  • Plenty of free space


Tahkoluoto deep-water harbour quay details

TAHKOLUOTOQuay length Water depth
Quay 28140 m10.0 m
Deep-water port (quays 26 and 27) 450 m15.3 m


10m quay

The 10m quay located at the Tahkoluoto deep-water harbour offers good preconditions for new business.

  • Quay length 145m
  • Maximum depth 10m


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