Waste disposal

Port of Pori provides waste disposal services to arriving vessels. Full, approved waste management plan can read from here. For the port’s waste disposal points, see the maps below. For any questions or comments, please ask by email valvojat@portofpori.fi. For sludge disposal order, contact sludge@veikkolehti.fi

Take a look at our instructions!

Waste disposal stations at Mäntyluoto


Waste disposal stations at Tahkoluoto

The vessel waste notification must be submitted 24 hours before the vessel’s arrival to the Port of Pori.


Download form  for submission of the notification HERE


Pekka Friman

Alus- ja satamapalveluosaston päällikkö
Manager Port Services
Turvapäällikkö (PFSO)
Security Officer (PFSO)
+358 44 701 2633