Prevent on time and keep up with the situation

By preventing possible safety risks, we improve the security and the mental and physical well-being of everyone, as well as minimise possible damage-related losses.

The most significant incidents at port areas are almost unexceptionally associated with chemical products transport and lifting operations, mutual incompatibilities, or chemicals-related fires.  To avoid hazardous situations, the following aspects needs to be taken into account.

To be considered:

In cargo handling:

  • consideration of free liquid surface during lifting and lowering
  • right kind of lifting equipment
  • correct lifting points and weight distribution
  • correct position of locking mechanisms
  • regular inspection of lifting equipment and lifting gear
  • information


In vehicle traffic:

  • compliance with speed limits
  • avoiding collisions and accidents at crossings
  • consideration of carriageway slipperiness


In repair and maintenance work:

  • Repair and maintenance works are not carried out at hazardous substances waiting or storage areas.


In hot work:

  • Because of the fire hazard associated with hot works, alternative working methods must always be considered at high-risk locations.
  • Performance of hot works at a temporary hot work site always requires a hot work licence.


Port of Pori Ltd must be notified of any hot works to be performed at the port territory. For a hot work permit, call the supervisor (Tahkoluoto: GSM 044-701 2625; Mäntyluoto: GSM 044-701 2609 or 02-621 2609). 

In case an accident occurs, everyone should establish beforehand:

  • the most common risk factors related to the workplace and work target
  • notification about emergencies and contact information
  • first-aid kit and cupboard locations and contents
  • locations of first-aid fire-fighting equipment
  • locations and operation of safety showers


For more information, read the Safety First Guide:

  1. Safety first