We comply with international shipping instructions

When transporting and handling dangerous substances, pay attention to their proper packaging and storage. Notify about dangerous substances in good time. This way, we ensure the safety of our operation.


Hazardous substances must be stored in appropriate premises and at dedicated areas at the port territory. Upon storage, pay special attention to combined effects of the substances and careful separation thereof at the storage facilities. Storage of radioactive materials or explosives at the port area without the port authority’s permission is not allowed.


Upon loading and unloading of hazardous substances, where appropriate, comply with the established good practices of international maritime transport. Upon handling of hazardous substances, a person must be present at the worksite with access to, and knowledge of, the handling and emergency instructions as per the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Code.

Preliminary notification of hazardous goods

A written notification about materials regarded as hazardous because of their explosive, flammable or other properties and included under the IMGD code must be submitted to the port authority before the vessel’s arrival to the port area.

Notification of dangerous goods

A written statement on hazardous goods must be submitted to the port and to the supervisor responsible for loading and unloading works by the consignor or shipper prior to delivery of the hazardous goods to the port area and by the master of the vessel in good time before the commencement of the unloading work.

Submission of notifications

Notifications must be submitted to the port electronically or by fax 24 hours before the arrival of the consignment to the port area. In case of export/import operations taking place on weekends or public holidays, the notification must be submitted 24 hours before the preceding workday. Preliminary notification of dangerous goods.

Failure to submit notification

If hazardous goods have not been packaged or marked in the way specified above or if the required notification or preliminary notification has not been submitted, the port authority may prohibit unloading the goods from the vessel or delivery of the goods to the port territory, or take other safety measures.

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