Ship personnel

Passes for ship personnel and ship-bound transport operations are granted primarily through the ship’s agent.

Passes are personal. A company entitled to issue passes can issue them to own employees and visitors alike.

The holder of a pass is responsible for the passengers accompanying him or her to the port territory – and the company that issued the pass is responsible for their movement there. Misuse of the passes results in follow-up actions; for example, pass cancellation and notification of the misuse to the authorities.

Proof of identity

While present on the port territory, be prepared to state your business and prove your identity, if required.

Vessel crews and visitors

 Visits on board vessels are allowed on the condition that the vessel has been berthed and a person has been appointed to meet the visitors. Vessels are required to submit visitor lists to the gate, with notification of both the guests and the possible service personnel. Vessels are required to submit their crew lists to the port and notify about crew changes as well.

Contact Port Control for more information.