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Porin Satama Oy offers a wide range of services at the hub of Nordic logistics. The smooth flow of energy and materials is our passion. Contact us!

Port Control 24/7
+358 44 701 2623

Crane office supervisors 24/7
+358 44 701 2609

Guard service 24/7
+358 2 634 3662
+358 44 701 4588

Pasi Aro
Interim CEO
+358 50 525 9053

Pekka Friman
Port Services Manager / Security Officer (PFSO)+358 44 701 2633

Kai Heinonen
Development Manager
+358 44 701 2616

Henrik Räisänen

Technical Manager

Manager, Chemical harbour
+358 44 701 2622

Juha-Pekka Tall
+358 44 701 2621

Harry Nore
+358 44 701 2624

Jouni Jalonen
Foreman, Tahkoluoto
+358 44 341 6999

Markku Niemi
Foreman, Maintenance
+358 44 701 2604

Marjanne Aaltonen
Administration Secretary Personnel and financial affairs
+358 44 701 2614

Markus Helminen
Office Secretary, Communication and marketing
+358 44 701 2611

Pekka Vaarne
Foreman, Mechanical maintenance
+358 50 454 3721

Staff emails: firstname.lastname(a)

General contact and invoicing information:

Porin Satama Oy
info (at)
Office working hours: 8:00-15:30

Visiting and mailing address:
Porin Satama Oy

info (at)
Merisatamantie 4
FI-28880 Pori
VAT ID: FI26473535

ISPS / Port ID: Mäntyluoto: FIPOR-0001

Deep-water port FIPOR-0002
Oil and chemicals harbour FIPOR-0003
UN Locator code: FIPOR

Invoicing addresses

Paper invoices:
Porin Satama Oy
PL 64543

Electronic invoicing address:
Porin Satama Oy
OVT 003726473535
Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy
Broker ID: E204503

Invoices may also be sent by email to the following address:

Only include the above email address in the recipient field. If you want to send the invoice to others, type their email addresses in the Cc: (copies) box. The invoice should be attached to the email in PDF or TIFF format. All documents related to the same invoice must be attached to one attachment. You may attach up to 10 invoices per email (each invoice as a separate file). The maximum size of a single attachment is 10 Mb.

Kallonlahti 2

What will the future bring?

Kallonlahti 2 – New quay

Passes and instructions

An access pass is required to access the port area.

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