Port of Pori’s vehicle scales

The Port of Pori has two quick and user-friendly vehicle scales by the gates of the Mäntyluoto and Tahkoluoto harbour areas.

The scale in Mäntyluoto is 33 metres long and can be used for weighing High Capacity Transport vehicles, among other vehicles. Thanks to the length of the scale, long vehicles can fit on the scale in one weighing.

The scale in Tahkoluoto is 25 metres long.

The scales are located along public roads outside the closed port area and are available for all customers to use 24/7, every day of the year.

Port of Pori vehicle sscale

The vehicle scales in the harbours of Tahkoluoto and Mäntyluoto serve customers 24/7.

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Passes and instructions

An access pass is required to access the port area.

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