Here you can find all the forms and guidelines associated with the Port of Pori and operations in the port area. Please note that the handling of hazardous goods always requires prior notification: you can submit the notification conveniently on our Extranet.

Safety first – safety guide

For detailed instructions on what to do in case of an emergency, read Porin Satama Oy’s Safety First safety guide. All personnel working in the port area must familiarise themselves with the guide.

Safety first – safety guidepdf

Hazardous substances

Notifications must be submitted to the port electronically or by fax 24 hours before the arrival of the consignment to the port area. In case of export/import operations taking place on weekends or public holidays, the notification must be submitted 24 hours before the preceding workday. Preliminary notification of hazardous substances.

Failure to submit notification

If hazardous substances are not packaged or marked in the way specified above or if the required notification or preliminary notification has not been submitted, the port authority may prohibit unloading the goods from the vessel or delivery of the goods to the port territory, or take other safety measures.

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Hazardous substancespdf



Chemical harbour operational guidespdf

Photography in the Port of Pori with a remote-controlled aircraft

Photography in the Port of Pori with a remote-controlled aircraftpdf

Terms of use for cranes from 1 January 2017

Terms of use for cranes can be downloaded below

Conditions for using port cranespdf

Port Regulations

Port Regulations of the Port of Pori 2020pdf

Port of Pori waste management plan

Waste management plan

Port of Pori waste management planpdf

Sustainability report Port of Pori Ltd 2021

Sustainability report Port of Pori Ltd 2021

Policy statement – Port of Pori

Policy statement – Port of Poripdf

Operating policy – Port of Pori

Operating policy – Port of Poripdf

Port of Pori vehicle scales

The vehicle scales in the harbours of Tahkoluoto and Mäntyluoto serve customers 24/7.

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Passes and instructions

An access pass is required to access the port area.

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