The port area has automatic gate systems equipped with cameras and identification equipment. Access passes are based on vehicle registration plates or tags attached to the vehicles. Transport coordinators should contact the receiving company to handle access permits before entering the port area.

Submit the following information for the pass:

  • Driver’s name
  • Contact information
  • Contact person
  • Time of visit
  • Vehicle registration plate number

Access passes are personal. A company entitled to issue passes can issue them to their own employees and visitors alike.

Pass holders are responsible for any passengers accompanying them to the port area – and the company that issued the pass is responsible for their movement there. Misuse of the passes will result in further action, for example, the pass will be revoked and authorities will be notified of the misuse..

Proof of identity

When moving in the port area, be prepared to state your business and prove your identity, if required.


When visiting the port’s gate building, use the parking area in front of the building. Vehicles parked outside the dedicated waiting and parking spaces will be towed off the site by the port at the offender’s expense.

Speed limit

The speed limit at the port territory is 30 km/h and valid traffic regulations must always be followed. Movement to and within the port area must mainly take place along the traffic routes located in the background area.

Level crossings

There are several level crossings marked with warning signs in the port area. Remember to stop in good time and check the traffic before a level crossing. The train always has right of way.

Access pass application

Port of Pori vehicle scales

The vehicle scales in the harbours of Tahkoluoto and Mäntyluoto serve customers 24/7.

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Passes and instructions

An access pass is required to access the port area.

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