Terms for Service Providers

Porin Satama Oy grants rights to offer services in the port area managed by Porin Satama Oy in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/352 of the European parliament and of the Council and sets the following requirements for all service providers and their subcontractors who apply to provide the following services in the port area of Porin Satama Oy:

Refuellingpdf Towingpdf Mooring and unmooringpdf

Waste reception services

Waste reception services will be put out to tender for fixed periods of time through a public tendering process via the HILMA service. The minimum requirements will be published together with the call for tenders. Some vessels have been granted an exemption from the mandatory delivery of waste based on a separate decision by the authorities.

Current agreements concerning the following will end on December 31, 2020:

  • The collection and transport of household waste, mixed waste and hazardous waste from vessels
  • The collection and transport of waste oil from vessels
  • The collection and transport of human waste from vessels

Porin Satama Oy will accept applications from service providers starting from March 24, 2019.

Applications must be submitted to Porin Satama Oy (email: info(at)portofpori.fi) or in person to the Porin Satama Oy office at Merisatamantie 4, Pori, Finland. Documents that prove that the company fulfils the required minimum requirements must be attached to the application.

Porin Satama Oy will make the decision concerning the right to provide services within a reasonable amount of time (a maximum of 3 months) from the delivery of the application. The registered party will be notified of the decision, and they can appeal it in accordance with the regulations set out in national legislation.

Porin Satama Oy will inspect whether the service provider’s operations fulfil the minimum requirements. Porin Satama Oy reserves the unilateral right to withdraw the right to provide services if the provider does not fulfil the minimum requirements despite a notice being submitted.