Pori and Raahe reach agreement on offshore wind hub and port development cooperation


Finland is set to have a unique pair of ports for offshore wind power development as the cities of Pori and Raahe are intensifying cooperation to launch regional offshore wind hubs in both cities. The collaboration aims to ensure the implementation of port investments and investment subsidies. The port pair cooperation agreement is to be decided by the city boards in Pori and Raahe in meetings held on May 6th.

Ports play a critical role in the implementation of offshore wind projects. A functional port environment that meets technical requirements is essential for successful offshore wind projects.
These requirements include adequate drafting of channels and technical specifications for necessary quay and yard areas.

Currently, there is no port in Finland that meets these requirements, and individual cities or port companies do not have the capacity to invest in offshore wind ports based solely on business economic reasons. This makes future cooperation particularly important, enhancing regional vitality and competitiveness on a broad front.

“Offshore wind and port projects play a crucial role in fulfilling Finland’s goals for a clean transition, as well as in increasing the domestic content of investments. Offshore wind project ecosystems have a significant positive impact on employment and the development of production subcontracting chains,” states Lauri Inna, Mayor of Pori.

“The port investments required for offshore wind hubs are so significant that they necessitate investment subsidies. By targeting investment subsidies to the selected port pair, we ensure
economically and business-justified investments and the timely implementation of offshore wind projects,” continues Leena Mikkola-Riekkinen, Mayor of Raahe.

The agreement to be made will initiate offshore wind hub cooperation between Pori and Raahe. A critical part of the cooperation is to ensure the key port and offshore wind hub projects, as well as state and EU support for port investments.

More information:
City of Pori:
Seppo Ihalainen, Pori Offshore Wind Hub Project, phone +358 44 774 4300
Lauri Kilkku, CEO, Suisto Kiinteistöt Ltd, phone +358 44 701 1019
Vesa Mäkilä, CEO, Port of Pori, phone +358 44 701 2601
City of Raahe:
Pasi Pitkänen, Development Director, City of Raahe, phone +358 40 135 6750
Seppo Vehkaoja, CEO, Port of Raahe, phone +358 44 972 9432

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