Pilot your business through the Port of Pori –

it’s a clever move.

Welcome to the most energetic Nordic port! Would you like to build a power plant or an industrial enterprise on our plot? Are you interested in transporting any kind of cargo or products through the Port of Pori? We are equipped to handle everything from dusty materials to engines of the size of an apartment building – with equal ease. We can do anything! Contact us; let’s work out logistics suitable for your business!

For us, the satisfaction of our customers is a matter of honour. Our motivated staff offers the services based on the right attitude and solid shipping experience. In close co-operation with our customers and partners, we expect to stay in business for at least the next 235 years.

The vast majority of the world’s products passes through ports. Intangible assets are on the rise, but in order to use them, we still need concrete means and energy, such as liquefied petroleum gas.